Former donees

Rhys - hip arthroscopy

% Raised of the target amount

29 year old Rhys has suffered from bilateral hip pain for the past 6 years and has been diagnosed with CAM & Pincer impingement and labral tears. Rhys is an action sports enthusiast and has competed in many sports in the past. He is a surfing instructor and surfing is his biggest passion in life, however, he has been greatly affected in the past few years by debilitating hip pain. Rhys has been waiting to get on the NHS waiting list for 3 years and I still doesn’t have a date.

Kirstie - gastric bypass

% Raised of the target amount

After Kirstie’s parents divorced when she was 3 years old, her mum became addicted to drugs & alcohol and did not provide consistent care to her and her brother. For years, they would regularly go for long periods of time without food. From age 11 Kirstie was very aware that she was overweight. Compared to most other children in her school year, she weighed significantly more. As soon as she gained some independence around what she ate, she began restricting food groups. Kirstie has been on a diet of some sort since her teens. Her weight has yo-yo’ed since then and eventually reached 22 st in 2019.

Rebecca - Tummy tuck and breast lift

% Raised of the target amount

Rebecca was a Respiratory Nurse for the NHS for 15 years until she had her disabled son after failing to conceive for 11 years and “eating” her emotions. After gaining a lot of weight Rebecca realised that she would need to do everything within her power to be as fit and healthy as possible to provide all the support her son needed. Over the course of 4 years steadily through diet & exercise, Rebecca lost the excess 70 kg weight, however, she was left with over 7kg of excess skin.