Donation platform policy

By agreeing to participate in the Donation platform, a patient agrees to the following:
  • To send at least 4 photos (preferably 1 additional video) and a written letter with their case description/motivation to have surgery.
  • It should be clear from the photos that the patient is a real person and what type of body/health issues they want to address (x-rays if the issues are orthopaedic).
  • To send a motivational letter addressing two topics: 1. Why do you need surgery? , 2. Why cannot you pay for this surgery and need financial help?
  • To share their case made public on Donation platform’s website via their friends and social networks.
  • To share or agree to be documented (photos, videos, interviews) during their visit to the clinic.
  • To share at least 1 video (or 3 photos) after coming back home after surgery.
  • The patient’s case can be hosted on the platform for a maximum period of 4 months. After that (or sooner if the patient wishes to) the collected sum is registered and the patient has to plan their surgery in Nordclinic within the next 8 months. A patient can collect a full or a partial amount through donations towards their surgery.
  • If the patient has collected donations via this platform and has decided to cancel their surgery at Nordclinic, or has not arrived for the surgery within 12 months after the initial announcement of their case on donation platform – the donations collected via this platform are not transferred to the patient. In such cases, Nordclinic shares the collected donations with other participants of the platform and announces about that publicly via its Facebook groups.
Other rules on eligibility for the donation platform:
  • Previous patients of Nordclinic cannot add their fundraising cases to the Donation platform.
  • Any previous patient that had surgery at Nordclinic after 2021.01.01 is eligible to donate 25 eur on clinics’ behalf to any patient of their choice on this platform.